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Ivan Ilijasic

Ivan Ilijasic

CEO & founder at Orioly
A passionate traveler and entrepreneur with strong IT background in travel and financial industries. He built his expertise working for international corporations and leading projects in tourism. Former editor-in-chief of Croatian travel e-zine Ivan was consulting dozen of small tour companies in bringing their business online. For that reason he founded Orioly.
Ivan Ilijasic

To be able to sell tours and activities on their website, every tour operator needs an online tour booking system. This system makes your website the key selling tool. And empowers you to provide an instant tour and activity confirmation service to your website’s visitors hopefully turning them into bookers.

Will an Online Tour Booking System Increase my Online Bookings?

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Certainly, it will! Instead of exchanging emails back and forth for several times before the travelers decide if you have
what they look for and make a purchase decision, you can have them half way in your sales process. With an online tour booking system, you shortcut this process. And allow your website visitor to make a purchase decision and buy your tour while on your website.

Even if a customer needs a personal contact and more information before deciding, you would be able to do that in less time and effort. You’ll be able to provide quick and accurate confirmation to your customers. Tour booking system minimizes human errors. In short, it takes care of the complete selling process. That way, it enables a better business management for your tour company.

Combine an Online Tour Booking System with a Strategy That Works for Tour Operator’s Business

With such improved efficiency, you could certainly expect more profits. An online booking system for tour operators alone doesn’t guarantee that your tour business will be filled up with bookings coming from your own website. You should also have in mind that you have to carefully plan and implement a successful online tour business strategy.

To finalize, let’s review some of the benefits of using an online tour booking system:

  • With a booking and reservation system, you can easily close bookings 24/7.
  • You provide a more professional service.
  • Not needing to reply to each email to confirm each reservation saves your time.
  • It reduces costs!
  • You can generate your guest’s personal information for your database.
  • It allows your customers to book directly with you at lower rates. Hence, shifting bookings from marketplaces to your own channel.
  • Choose us as your booking system partner. We will advise you on how to increase your online bookings to an unprecedented level.



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    Posted by Nizla Samad| May 26, 2016 |


    I am Nizla. And i have owned a travel agency in Kerala, And i would like to know whether you can help me with making a booking system&website. If so please get in touch with me.

  2. Posted by Ivan Ilijasic| May 27, 2016 |

    Hi Nizla.

    Thank you for your comment.
    I will contact you on your email and give you more information.

    Take care,

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