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Ivan Ilijasic

CEO & founder at Orioly
A passionate traveler and entrepreneur with strong IT background in travel and financial industries. He built his expertise working for international corporations and leading projects in tourism. Former editor-in-chief of Croatian travel e-zine Ivan was consulting dozen of small tour companies in bringing their business online. For that reason he founded Orioly.
Ivan Ilijasic

For Orioly, 2017 was a very productive year. We launched a new feature for creating custom tours and new payment gateways. Also, we translated the Orioly app in 8 languages and upgrade invoice support for Tour Operators in Croatia.

After months of hard work, our team has prepared lots of new features for tour operators. Also, we’ve revamped the old features to better fit your needs.

Distribution is “the feature” we were working on for the last few months. We were very excited when with the beginning of the new 2018 we released the distribution feature.

Now we invite you to test it and sell your tours and activities easier than ever!

With the distribution feature, you will be able to build your distribution network, add your agents, find new partners and resell your tours in no time.

You can also create partnerships with any kind of a website and start reaching more customers.

Let us introduce to you our newest distribution feature within the Orioly app:

How can the Distribution feature help you

Add agents to distribute your tours

Add more agents to your account to help the growth of your tour business. By the end of February, you will be able to search the agents within the application. Set commission rates, define availability and let anyone sell your experiences.

Find New Partners

Add and manage affiliates who can help sell your tours and activities. Reach out to travel bloggers, travel sites, hotels and offer them to sell your tours for a commission. That way you can distribute your tours on any kind of website.

Resell Tours and Activities

Offer agents, resellers, and tour operators the option to book directly into your inventory.

Increase Your Business Visibility

Sell tours and activities via OTAs (online travel agents) such as Viator and GetYourGuide. With their high authority in the travel industry and greater reach, you can get your tours booked by more customers.

The most beneficial novelty this feature has to offer is the ability to partner with various websites, broaden your brand visibility and attract a wide range of customers.

The Distribution Network is available in all of our pricing plans.

That leads us to the second announcement. From February 1st we have a new pricing plan which more accurately reflects the value you get from the Orioly application.

We have published new features and we’ve revamped the old ones to better fit your needs. For that reason, we’ve decided to rearrange the pricing plan and make it more flexible.

How is the new pricing better?

Here’s what benefits might interest you–it has been tailored for tour operators being simpler and more scalable offering a variety of powerful new features.

Here is the new plan:

pricing plan

Start your free trial today and try out the new distribution feature!

If there’s anything that we can help you with, contact us.

Thank you in advance!


CEO @Orioly


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    […] korak s najnovijim trendovima i uz praćenje potrebe industrije Orioly je ovaj mjesec predstavio je novu verziju aplikacije koja omogućava organizatorima tura i izleta jednostavnu distribuciju svoje ponude svojim […]

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