Navigating the Marketplace | Suppliers

You have added all activities to your account and have gone over the initial setup for the Channel Manager. Now you are ready to find partners to resell your activities.

  1. Sign in to your Orioly account .
  2. Access the Marketplace  .

Orioly’s Marketplace is divided into two sections, Activities and Partners. 


Within this section, agents, affiliates and other suppliers can have an overview of the available activities to resell.

For a more detailed view click Details, and the following information will be displayed:

  • Name of the activity.
  • All available activities from the supplier.
  • Description of the activity.
  • Agency name, location, and address.
  • Agency website and email.
  • The number of available activities.

Note: To show off your activities in the best way possible, make sure you are using a high-quality image, have a detailed description for your activities, and have set up your Orioly account properly. In this way, resellers will have a good overview of the activity offered and your company.

Once a request has been submitted, an email will be sent with the partnership request, and the invitation will be shown under the My Partners section and also under the pending invitations.


Within this section, you will be able to find agents, affiliates, and suppliers that have an Orioly account. Plus, you will be able to send them a Partnership request

To view details and send the invitation/request, click the icon  located next to the name of the agency. Once you have opened up the detailed view of the agency you will see its:

  • Name, location, and address.
  • Website and email addresses.
  • Number of available activities.

Note: If the agency you are sending the invitation to has an agent or affiliate account, you only be able to see the Invite user to be your agent button. Otherwise, you will see the option to send an agent request by using the Send request to be the user’s agent button, if your primary account is the supplier account.

As with the invitations sent in Activities, invitations/requests sent through Partners will be delivered via email, and the invitations/requests will be visible through My Partners.

Now that you know how to navigate the Marketplace, check the documentation regarding How to invite and manage your partners.

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