Navigating the Marketplace | Agents

After signing up for an agent account, it is time to find suppliers to resell their tours.

  1. Sign in to your Orioly account .
  2. Go to the Channel Manager section Marketplace  .

Orioly’s Marketplace is divided into two sections, Activities and Partners. 


Here you can find activities to resell from all the suppliers that have an Orioly account.

Once you have found the perfect activity, click Details to check out:

  • The name of the activity.
  • All available activities from the supplier.
  • The description of the activity.
  • The agency name, location, and address.
  • The agency website and email.
  • The number of available activities.

To send a request to resell an activity, click Send request to be the user’s agent inside the window Details.

Once the request has been sent, you will be able to track it from the section My Partners of the Channel Manager.


Here you will be able to search for suppliers and request partnerships.

Once you have found a partner, you need to send a request. In order to do that:

  1. Click the person icon  .
  2. Double-check all the partner’s information.
  3. Click Send request to be the user’s agent.

Note: All the requests that you send, whether from the Activities or the Partners section, can have their status tracked in the section My Partners of the Channel Manager.

Now that you know how to navigate through Orioly’s Marketplace, check How to manage your bookings.

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