What Drives Orioly Tour Operator Software?

Tour operator software should be elegant and simple. We believe that selling and promoting the lasting tour and travel experiences must be easy. Especially today when the majority of travelers communicate online.

Online booking software for tours and activities should make tour operators’ and travel companies’ life easier. They should be able to enjoy their business.

  • Our Mission & Values
  • Our Solution
  • Our Team

Our mission is to give tour and travel companies a simple online solution to manage their reservations and promotions.

→ Orioly is easy to use tour operator software that cuts administration and automates marketing and sales online. A tool, which helps tour operators do what they do best – create amazing tours and memories.

Our Story

While working in tourism for over 10 years, we saw that most tour operators face the same challenges.

How to increase online sales? How to attract more customers without big budgets, IT departments and expensive infrastructure? And how to find a booking software that’s simple to use?

So we combined the two things we do best – IT and traveling. And there it was, a tour operator software with a very clean and easy to follow design. 

The Solution – Orioly

Become a Digital Savvy Because Your Customers Are

You already know your business should have an online presence. Also, that online booking is a must.
Online presence helps tour operators and travel companies grow. A majority of their customers is online and digitally savvy. So tour operators should be, too.

Sounds great, but not so easy to do?

Orioly Is an Ideal Tour Operator Software And an Answer to Your Pains

You provide exciting tours. Does paperwork stop you from enjoying your real work?

Superior customer service is difficult to do when it depends on a single customer need. And your costs often vary.

How Many Times You Faced The Same Challenge?

Have you ever tried to install a booking software, but realized it didn’t fit your business? Too complex, too expensive, not easy to manage?

  • Can you always show the total price through online booking?
  • Can your travelers customize their tour experience when booking online?
  • How often they want something extra, but you can’t provide through your online booking?
  • Is it easy to include add-ons (air taxes, visas, optional tickets…)?
  • How many hours a day do you spend checking your booking and capacity status?
  • How many hours do you spend on social networks trying to promote your tours and travels?
  • How do you do it when you are out of office?

Forget it. Move on.

→ Orioly software for tours and activities allows you to easily manage add-ons
→ Automates your online marketing and sales
→ Attracts new travelers from travel marketplaces and builds your presence on social networks
→ Travelers can make customized bookings
→ Enables the fastest presentation of total prices
→ You are left with plenty of time to focus on creating the best trips and tours.

Core Team


ivan, ilijasic, founder, orioly, team

Ivan Ilijasic
CEO, founder, traveler

A passionate traveler and blogger. His expertise grew through some leading roles in big corporations and IT projects in tourism. Moreover, he is a former editor-in-chief of a Croatian travel e-zine SvjetskiPutnik.hr. Ivan has initiated some of today’s most popular tourism and IT events in the region. Always looking at new ways to support tour and travel enthusiasts like himself!


nikola, bucic, cto, orioly, team

Nikola Bucic

An experienced web technology expert with a strong background. Nikola is a people person actively engaged in the regional web development community. He enjoys exploring oriental destinations, trying out a local cuisine and great beer. Later he’s enthusiastic about blogging about it and sharing his experiences with other people.


jelena, debeljak, orioly, team, head, marketing

Jelena Debeljak
Head of Marketing

A sales and marketing specialist with a strong interest in digital tools. Jelena has an established track record in entrepreneurship, SME and startup community. She has an extensive work experience in international contexts and excellent interpersonal skills. A secret dreamer in love with the novelty, traveling adventures and different cultures.


barbara, crgar, orioly, team, content, marketing

Barbara Črgar
Content Marketing Manager

Though an environmental scientist by vocation, Barbara is an experienced blogger who’s been running her own food and travel blog for years. That makes her very skilled in marketing, writing, editing, managing, and cooking! In her own words, she’s passionately curious and in love with food and traveling. Naturally, Barbara found her safe spot in our Orioly flock!


iva, mrvelj, developer, orioly, team

Ivan Mrvelj
Lead UI Developer 

A highly skilled IT expert who is experienced in creating robust secure solutions with modern interfaces. Ivan is a master of using state-of-the-art front-end web technologies. Always keen to explore new concepts, technologies and methodologies. He’s a gifted musician, enjoys spending time outdoors and skateboarding.


ivan, mavracic, orioly, team, developer

Ivan Mavracic
Lead Frontend Developer

Passionate about creating great user experiences. Ivan is both skilled and current with the latest styles in web development. He’s a talented visual storyteller, hungry to do awesome and creative things. He enjoys creating apps and games in his free time, loves football, handball and other team sports.