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Meet Your New Source of Travel Data: Travel Insights with Google

After launching earlier this year a tool to provide search data to airlines called Flight Demand Explorer, Google has come up with a new initiative focused on destinations and accommodations.

Travel Insights with Google is meant for governments, tourism boards, hotels, or anyone else interested in the changes in demand for the tourism market. Which is of great help considering the global scenario.

Like Google’s previous solution, the data shared in Travel Insights comes from Google searches. But instead of flight inquiries, the focus is the intention of traveling to a certain location or finding a hotel room. 

The user also receives insights and other resources to make the most of the travel data acquired. That makes it a great source of free information for data-driven decisions and operational improvements.

The suite of tools is divided into:

  • Destination Insights
  • Hotel Insights
  • Travel Analytics Center

Destination Insights

Provides relevant data to governments and organizations that need a broad overview of tourism in order to make better business decisions.

Google travel insights destination demand graph

DMOs, for example, can use Destination Insights to find out top sources of demand for their destination. They can also check the demand growth or decline after new regulations being put in place.

Google travel insights destination demand source
Google travel insights destination demand growth graph

It is possible to filter the travel data according to the origin country, type of trip (domestic, international or both), demand category (air, accommodation or both), and date range.

Google travel insights search box for destination insights

Hotel Insights

Through this tool, users have access to a chart of the changing searching interest for places to stay in the chosen area. 

Google travel insights accommodation demand

They can also check a comparison between domestic and international searches for accommodation and detailed information regarding inbound markets.

Google travel insights domestic vs international search
Google travel insights inbound markets

Travel Analytics Center

The last tool is closed for Google’s travel commercial partners. Those organizations can combine their own Google account data with broader Google demand data for more personalized insights.

Converting data into bookings

All the information acquired through Travel Insights with Google is fuel to a killer marketing strategy.

That allied with a strong online presence is the perfect combination to have the right person engaged with your travel brand at the right time of their buying journey.

Now all you need is a booking software to convert visitors into actual bookings at a low cost.

If you don’t use a booking solution or are not satisfied with your current one, check out Orioly. Get to know how we can help your travel brand turn internet users into actual customers.

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