This is Why Marketing Automation Matters for Tour Business

Imagine you can sit back and let your tour booking software do all repetitive and boring tasks. So, you can focus all your energy on things you really like doing. E.g., organizing unique tours and activities that will make your tour business stand out from a crowd. Yep, It sounds good and it’s possible. So, this is actually a description of what marketing automation does for you.

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According to HubSpot, marketing automation refers to automating repetitive marketing tasks, such as emails, social media, and other website actions.

Tour and activity providers should take advantage of marketing automation to facilitate their businesses. So, you don’t have to pay extra money for specialized software. A good booking software already comes with a marketing automation functionality.

I can only speak for Orioly with certainty. Orioly helps you automate your marketing in two ways. The first one is managing social media. You can connect your social media accounts, Facebook and Twitter, and schedule posts and tweets for future publication. And the second way is creating discount coupons.

Thus, here are some benefits of marketing automation for tour and activity providers: 

Social Media Managing – Easy Build And Nurture Relationships With Customers

When you automate your marketing tasks, you can manage and monitor all your activities on social media, like Facebook or Twitter, from one central location.

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Therefore, marketing automation helps you distribute your content in a smarter, more organized way. So, you can plan your posts days or even weeks ahead.

As a result, it saves your time and resources. An active presence on social media means more engagement. People like and share your posts and get interested in your offer. It nurtures your existing relationships and makes new ones.

Save Time and Money With Preset Campaigns

Hence, if you spend less energy on marketing, you have it more for other tasks.

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You can schedule and pre-set multiple posts to be published in the next week or more and put all your efforts into organizing tours. Automation maximizes productivity and provides rational use of time and money. With fewer resources make more buzz. It’s simple as that.

Boost Sales With Automatized Discount Coupons

Discount coupons are a great marketing tool to boost sales of your tours and fill the off-season capacities. Also, they are one of the promotional tools that you can totally automatize.

You can create a coupon, write a brief promotional message for it and share it with your fans via social media.

Customers can enter your discount coupon code during their online booking through your website. They use it completely automatized, without your intervention.

Personalize Content According To Interests And Behavior

As I said, a great benefit of marketing automation is personalization. It enables to create and distribute tailored content to your potential travelers, according to their interests and behavior. So, the main goal is to attract them to your website and convert into customers that will book a tour.

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For example, keep track of the content you post on social networks to see what your fans like the most, what and when they engage the most. According to these findings prepare scheduled campaigns with tailored content and track results.

More tailored content, more quality leads more bookings.

Clear Statistics and Reports Show You What’s Working and What’s Not

I already mentioned the importance of campaign’s statistics. Compiled data, of your marketing activities, provides you valuable information and insights. By analyzing statistics and reports you can check what’s working and what’s not.

So, check how many posts, by social profile, you had, how many people actually clicked on them on each profile, and how many people booked your tours after seeing your post. This will show you which social networks bring you the most profits.

According to this data, it’s possible to adjust and redefine actions to maximize efficiency.

Use Marketing Automation to Effectively Run Your Tour Business

In conclusion, marketing automation frees you from repeating actions and provides a higher engagement with fewer troubles. Therefore, tour and activity operators are able to effectively utilize resources and concentrate on things they know the best.

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