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Manage Your Coupons

This article explains how to manage all the coupons created for your products.

  1. Sign in to your Orioly account.
  2. Access the Coupons section.

Now you are able to view and edit all the coupons that you have previously created for your products. For each coupon you have:

  • Description: Name given to the coupon when it was created
  • Valid from/to: Time frame which the coupon is valid
  • Usage/ limit – a quick insight into the number of coupons used versus the total number of available coupons.
  • Promo code – it shows the code set for the coupon, e.g. “SPECIALSUMMER2018”
  • Edit coupon settings – to edit your coupons, click the three dots.

If you have created more than a few coupons, use filters to find the desired coupon. You can segment your coupons by status:

  • All – it shows all coupons that you have created, both active and inactive.
  • Active – it filters out only the coupons that are still active.
  • Archived – it filters out the inactive coupons.

You can also filter your coupons by using the Search coupons box, or by defining the Date range using the calendar.

Now that you know how to manage your coupons, check the documentation regarding How to manage your contacts.

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