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Manage Your Employee Accounts

This article explains how to add different types of user roles within your account.

  1. Sign in to your Orioly account.
  2. Go to My Profile.
  3. Select the Users tab on the menu on the left.

Adding or editing a user:

  1. Add a new user by clicking Add user, or edit existing users by clicking Edit account.
  2. When adding a new user, you must choose a role for him/her (Admin, User or Booker).

    Note: Each user type has its own permissions within the application, and they will be specified later in this article.
  3. After adding a user click Add user and after editing a user click Save.

    Note: After adding a new user an email will be sent with instructions on how to activate the new account.

Each type of user has access to different features within the Orioly application. The features that a user role can access are specified below:

  • Admin: Has the same access as the creator of the account. It is recommended for people who have a position of trust in your company.
  • User: This account has permission to use all features related to activities, bookings, contacts, and coupons. The user’s account has no permission to set up the application’s settings or add new users. This user type is best suitable for a travel manager, as he can manage most of the features.
  • Booker: A booker account has only permission to use features related to bookings. The user can have an overview of the current activities and bookings, as well as full access to the addition and edition of bookings. This account is suitable, for example, to a front desk employee, as he will use it to manage bookings.

Now that you know how to manage your company user accounts, check the documentation regarding How to manage and generate reports.

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