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Manage Your Bookings

There are several ways to create a new booking within Orioly, and one of them is described in the Manage your departures and products article.

Here, you will learn how to create a New Booking through the add new button and manage your existing bookings in the Booking section.

Add a new Booking

To get started, go to New booking.

  1. Search Activities – select the activity for which you want to add a new booking.
    Note: You can filter products by price and date.
  2. Select Date and Time – select the date and time for which you want to make a booking. Click Next step.
  3. Travelers – add the number of travelers for each of your price categories. Click Next step.

    Note: Check Details not needed if you don’t need travelers’ details or uncheck if you want to add details for all travelers. Click Next step.
  4. Fees & Add-ons – If you have added any fees or add-ons during the creation of your activity, you will be able to set the quantity for each in this section. If you want to create a custom booking with additional fees and add-ons, you can use the Add reservation fee, Add traveler fee and Add add-ons buttons. Click Next step.
  5. Questions – In this tab, you should add the Payer Information (if you have selected Payer information required when creating an activity). Click Next step.
    Note: Here you can also add answers to the questions that you have set up, or just skip it, if answers are not required for the booking. Click Next step.
  6. Payments – If you have received any payments (e.g. cash, wire-transfer) for this booking, you can add them by clicking on the Add payments button. If you are creating a reservation with no payments, you can skip this step. Click Next step.
  7. Summary – Here you have an overview of the booking that you are about to create. If you are happy with the data you have added, click Finish to create the booking.

Manage your Bookings

To view/edit any of your bookings, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Bookings section
  2. Select the desired filter (payment status, price range or date range) or search for the desired booking.
  3. Edit the booking information by clicking the Three dots button > Edit.
  4. Select documents (Invoices, Vouchers, Quotes, and Booking) to print by clicking the Three dots button > Documents.
  5. Add payments or Generate a payment link by clicking the Three dots button > Payments.
  6. Set the status of the booking to Canceled or Paid by clicking the Three dots button > Set Status.
  7. Change the departure date of a booking by clicking the Three dots button > Rebook.

Now that you know how to manage your bookings, check the documentation regarding How to manage your coupons.

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