ITB Berlin 2016 – Hope to Meet You at the Convention!

Jelena Debeljak

Jelena Debeljak

Head of Marketing at Orioly
A sales and marketing specialist with a strong interest in digital tools. Jelena has an established track record in entrepreneurship, SME and startup community. ​She has an extensive work experience in international contexts and excellent interpersonal skills. A secret dreamer in love with the novelty, traveling adventures and different cultures.
Jelena Debeljak

As usual, Orioly takes its part of ITB Berlin, the World’s Leading Travel Trade Show. ITB Convention is taking place March 9 – 13 this year. We at Orioly look forward very much to meeting tour and activity providers and learning about your daily challenges. What are your main concerns in online tour business operations? How are you addressing them?

Meet Orioly at ITB Berlin and Take Advantage of a Special Opportunity

Also, we’re meeting local tourist boards, tour and activity associations to talk about what tour and activity businesses in their destination really need and what is the best way to help them move forward.

Let’s meet shortly at ITB Berlin and share experiences, trends, and best practices. We will contribute our discussion with expertise and advice on the impact and possibilities of different technology offers to tour and activity provider businesses. Moreover, for the 50th birthday of the ITB Berlin Convention, we’re offering Orioly tour booking software for free to all of the exhibitors who decide they could benefit from the tool. There is a special extra surprise for the first 10, so hurry up and schedule a quick meeting with us! We can come to your stand or meet elsewhere. Looking forward to meeting with you very much!

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