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How to View Partner Analytics and Generate Reports

This article explains how to use the section Analytics within the channel manager and how to export reports.

  1. Sign in to your Orioly account.
  2. Go to the Channel Manager section Analytics.

Once there, you can track partner payments and follow the revenue that you are expected to receive.

You can use filters to segment the chart view by product, partner or time frame.

  • Select Product: To view data for a single product or a combination of a few products, select the ones you wish to filter and click Apply filter.
  • Select Partner: Select one or more partners to be considered in the data analysis. If none is selected, the graph will display information related to all partners. When you finish, click Apply filter to save the changes.
  • Select Date Range: Use the associated calendar to select a starting and ending date for the analysis.

To export the data for further analysis, click Export commission reports or Export booking report, depending on which data you want to export.

Now that you know how to view partner analytics and generate reports, check the documentation regarding How to manage your departures and products.

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