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Google My Business for Tour Operators

How to create a Google My Business for tour operators listing?

As a travel company or a tour operator you want your business to be listed on Google, right? Well of course!

According to a study done by Google and PhocusWright:

45% of smartphone users in the UK and 44% in France are comfortable researching, booking, and planning an entire trip using only a mobile device. This means people find all the relevant information on their phone.

Google My Business - Search

That being said, for people to find you, you must have an online presence. Utilize the digital marketing opportunity!


If you are not on Google or anywhere online, how do you expect people to come across your business?

We mentioned that almost everything one wants to know is on Google, right?

People rely on Google for answers. That’s how people discover various services and products.

Precisely for reason, and of course, because Google My Business is free, your tour operator business should be listed on Google My Business.

Ok, ok, slow down – what’s a Google My Business (GMB)?

Google My Business is a free tool and with it, you can choose how you tour business appears on Google products. The tool was developed so businesses could stand out. Basically, it’s a free business listing.

For example:

Someone googles your travel business and on the right side, they will see helpful information such as the name of your company, where it’s located, phone number, a link to your official website, opening hours, and other relevant details.

Google My Business for Tour Operators - Orioly blog

Why should you list your tour business on Google My Business?

Google My Business is shown in the so-called Local 3-pack area of Google results. This is how it looks like:

Google My Business for Tour Operators - Local 3-pack - Orioly blog


Once you google a certain term, on the first page of your Google results, you will find the following:

  1. Three listings that are advertisements or pay-per-clicks (paid search).
  2. A map with three local results.
  3. Google My Business
  4. Organic search.

Your goal should be to have your tour business listed in the Local 3-pack area with related search terms.

And you can do it for free.

Before you get started, Google My Business is constantly changing so you might want to read the Guidelines for Representing Your Business on Google first.

The important thing to mention is that only businesses can add their listing. However, if you are an activity provider working high-season only, you are eligible as long as you display permanent signage year-round at the location.

Google My Business for Tour Operators Benefits? 

How to build an online presence with the help of Google My Business? Hold your horses, we will get back to that in a second.

Here is what an optimized Google My Business listing can do for your tour operator business

  • Higher search visibility
  • Helps customers find you
  • Offers an additional communication channel
  • Offers insights into your customers which you can analyze
  • It makes a great backlink strategy

Create a Listing on Google My Business for Tour Operator

Log into your Google account and click here.

1. Enter your business name.

Google My Business - Step 1 - List your tour operator business on GMB

2. Enter your location. Note: Enter all the address details. Avoid using vague locations. Be as precise as you can.

Google My Business - Step 2 - Where are you located

3. Zoom in and pin the exact location.

Google My Business for Tour Operators - Step 3 - Pin map location

4. Select a business category.

Google My Business for Tour Operators - Step 4 - Select a business category

5. Enter your business phone number so your customers can reach you. Also, enter your website URL.

Google My Business for Tour Operators - Step 5 - Make connections

Once you’re done filling out all the information, you need to verify your Google My Business listing. Here’s a link on how to do this.

Now that you have successfully listed your tour business on Google My Business, go back and review the information you’ve entered and how it all looks like live. Double-check to make sure that you have entered the correct data across all Google products.


Creating a Google My Business listing isn’t enough, you need to fill in all the details, keep it updated, and optimized.

Don’t stuff your listing with keywords. Don’t forget to add photos!

The great thing about Google My Business is that you can upload 360-degree photos with the Street View. Here’s a link how to publish and link your 360 photos together using the Street View app.

Furthermore, don’t assume that this is a one-time setup. No. As I’ve mentioned, you have to keep the information updated and relevant. And most importantly, respond to comments and customer reviews, grow your audience and nurture relationships you build with your clients.

If you have found this article useful, awesome! I’d be very happy if you would leave a comment. Also, good news—you can read more about tour operator and activity provider related topics on our official blog. Every week. Yes.

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