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Orioly tracks your customer contacts to collect valuable information for your tour business. So you get an insight into your best and most profitable clients. 

You can see all this information in your contact database in the “Contacts” section on the Orioly side-menu. Orioly automatically saves customer contact information each time:

  1. Someone books your tour through the booking button on your website. Your customers need to leave contact information in order to make a booking.
  2. You manually create a booking in Orioly app. In the process, you also need to enter the payer information, which gets saved. If the person’s already in the Orioly database, it will automatically suggest his/her contact details based on the first letters you type.
  3. You manually create a contact in Orioly app through the Add new button in the down left corner. For example, it’s useful to enter a potential future customer into your Orioly database. Perhaps, later on, you’d want to send an offer to the person. So you want to have his/her contact details in the right place.

Enter a Customer Contact through the Add New Button

Entering a new contact manually couldn’t more simple.

First, click Add new in the down left side of Orioly app. Choose Contact.

orioly, create booking, contact

A new window, New Contact, opens.

All you need to do is fill out the blank boxes below and click Create at the bottom. As always in Orioly app, all mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Complete the following blank fields:

orioly, create, booking, add new contact, booking software

  1. Name – enter the first and last name of your new customer.
  2. Email – enter the new customer’s email. 
  3. Address – enter the new customer’s street name and town. 
  4. Country – click the side errors and choose the country the new customer comes from. 
  5. Phone – enter the phone number you can use to reach your new customer. 
  6. Website – enter the website address of your new customer if he/she has one important to you. 
  7. Facebook – enter the URL link of your new customer’s Facebook profile if he/she has one. 
  8. Twitter – enter the URL link of your new customer’s Twitter profile if he/she has one. 
  9. LinkedIn – enter the URL link of your new customer’s Linkedin profile if he/she has one.
  10. Info –  this field will fill out itself once a booking is created for this person. It will continue to update with each new booking this person makes. The information it shows includes Spent to date, Bookings to date and Payment status.

Click “Create” and you’ve created a new contact!

Review all your Customers in the Contacts Section

To view your customer database, click “Contacts” in the left menu.

Here you can search customers by name, but you can also choose to filter them by status of payment.

Contacts can have pending, deposit and paid payment status. What does this mean?

orioly, create, booking, all contacts, filter, search, support

  • Pending – means they created a quote, but still didn’t pay for anything.
  • Deposit – means they paid a partial amount. 
  • Paid – means they paid the whole amount.

There are three columns with information about each contact:

orioly, create, booking, contact, information, support

  1. Contact name, address and payment status. When there is no information on the payment status, it means the person has only been taking your tours. Someone else paid for him/her.
  2. Bookings (payer/traveler). It shows the number of bookings the person paid for, versus the number of times he/she was only taking a tour. A click on the gray info button opens a “pop-up” window with more information about the contact. It shows the person’s email, country, phone number and social media profiles. orioly, create, booking, contact, more, info
  3. Total amount spent. Here you can see who is making most bookings and getting you the best revenue. A click on the “Edit contact settings” opens a new window where you can set or edit the contact information. 

orioly, create, booking, contact, details, support

As you can see on the picture above, this is the information entered when the contact was first created. The only new info here is in the Info field. There’s information about each booking ever made by this single customer in this field. The Info field updates automatically each time a new booking is created by this customer. 

In the end, you can choose to either Save or Delete contact

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