How to start with Orioly?

Start with Dashboard

Dashboard Overview

Once you log in to your Orioly account, you will see the Dashboard.

Here you can see all your departures and filter them by occupancy or activity.

If you’re in a hurry, skip the step-by-step guide and watch a short how-to video at the bottom of this article.

Start with Dashboard - Orioly Documentation

Departure Details

Select an activity from the calendar to see all the details about this particular departure such as the occupancy, total payments, departure details, bookings and other relevant information.  

Departure details - Dashboard

View Bookings

Scroll down to check all the bookings and payment status for this particular departure.

If you wish to create a new entry, click Create a booking and refer to the How to Add a New Booking article for a step-by-step guide.

Bookings - Departure details - Orioly Documentation

Edit Bookings

To edit a certain booking, click on it. 

You can then edit the few following sections: Payer, Travelers, Prices, Payments, and Summary.

Click Next step to navigate through these sections (if you need to change anything else) and when you’re done, navigate to the Summary section and click Finish

Edit Booking - Orioly Documentation

Filter Departures

To get a better overview of your departures and activities, use the filtering options. 

  • FILTER BY OCCUPANCY – Filter departures based on the booking status (by the tour occupancy).

  • FILTER BY ACTIVITIES – Filter departures by their name, select the departure and click Apply. Use the Search option to find a specific departure more easily.

Filter Options - Orioly Documentation

Here’s a video tutorial on how the Dashboard works:

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