How to start with Orioly?

Set Up your Orioly account

Before you start adding tours and activities, we recommend that you update the settings section of your account. 

To update your General Information click on the  icon on the side navigation and go to Settings

General Information

In this section you will be able to: 

  • Add your website and social media links.
  • Add your business address.
  • Change your preferred language for the application (English, Spanish or Croatian).
  • Change the preferred currency for your activities.
  • Change the email address to which you want to receive booking notifications.

Note: Changing the email in the General Information section will not change your account login email.


In this section you will be able to: 

  • Add your Cancellation policy and Terms.
  • Set up your global notes for your documents.
  • Set up your global tax percentage – will be applied to all newly created activities.
  • In case your company is settled in Croatia, check the box for User in system of fiscalisation and fill all the information required.
  • After filling all the information click on Save changes.

GDPR Consents

Activating GDPR Consents will give your customers the ability to select them at the end of the online booking process. 

To set the GDPR consent you can:

  • Check the boxes according to which kind of consent you expect to receive from your customers.
  • In case you have a Terms of Service page on your website, we suggest you include it in the specific field under TERMS OF SERVICE.
  • After finishing, you just need to click on Save changes.

Once you have updated your account you can take a look at our documentation on How to add a payment gateway through which you will be able to enable online payments for your customers.

Be sure that your customer can see the correct information while booking, this way you can avoid misunderstandings and get your customer’s trust.

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