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Manage your Coupons

In this article, we will show you how to manage all of the coupons that you have previously created for your activities.

To view all of your coupons, click on the coupons section located on the left-hand side navigation.

Within the Coupons section, you will be able to view and edit all of the coupons that you have previously created.

The information that you can see at a quick glance for each of the coupons is:

  • Number of usage/Usage limit – a quick insight into the number of coupons used versus the total number of available coupons.
  • More Info – if you click the icon  labeled More Info, you’ll see the names of all activities these coupons apply to. There is also the number of times it was applied and the total number of times the coupon could be used.
  • Promo code – shows the title of the coupon, such as “SPECIALSUMMER2018”
  • Edit coupon settings – to edit your coupons, click on the  icon labeled Edit coupon settings.

If you have more than a few coupons that you have created, filters might come in handy. You can search through your coupons by status and review:

  • All – view all coupons you created, both active and inactive.
  • Active – filter out only the still active coupons.
  • Archived – filters out the inactive coupons.

You can also filter your coupons by using the Search coupons… or by defining the date range using the calendar.

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