How does analytics work

Orioly booking app collects all your bookings and data within the analytics feature. Meaning, all your business reports are presented in graphs. 

Tracking your business data like this helps you make the right decisions and get more customers.

How to Generate your Analytics Reports

  • Log into your Orioly app, choose Analytics on the left side menu. 


  • Here you will see three search boxes on top. 
  1. Select Report – click on the search box and choose the type of a report you want to generate. You can choose from Bookings, Revenue, Transactions or Promotions.orioly, create booking, analytics, filter, support
  2. Select Activity – you can choose whether you want to look at the data for a particular, single activity (tour or travel), all of them or you’d need an analysis of all your activities.orioly, create, booking, analytics, activities, support
  3. Select Date Range – select date range you want to analyze your performance for.

For example, you want to analyze the performance of your promotions. How well did tours or activities you promoted through Orioly in the last 3 months go? 

When you made your choice from all the three search boxes:

  • Check down the panel under Statistics and summary report. Here you’ll find reports you need.

For Promotion analytics, there are three types of reports:

  1. Numerical – gives you exact numbers on how many posts or tweets you published and how many people actually booked a tour after clicking your post or tweet. 
  2. Graphical – gives you a visual presentation of your promotion performance throughout the time period you selected above. 
  3. Table – lists all the activities (tours or travels) captured by this report. It gives you the social network they were promoted through, activity name and the date your promotion was created. 

analytics for promotion


Track your Revenue and Sales through Analytics Reports

You can generate other types of reports, like your revenue and sales. You can track that in the Analytics section of your Orioly booking software.

The process is the same as the one we described above for Promotions analytics.

  • Choose the Revenue report in the first search box.
  • Then select the activities whose results you’re interested in and the time range.

Your revenue analytics is presented down below and broken down into the three types of reports. They provide insight into your most profitable tours or travels. There is also a comparison between bookings made through social networks (based on your promotion efforts) and direct bookings made through other channels. 

promotion analytics


analytics revenue

A similar type of data can be generated through other reports, that is Transactions and Bookings.

Export your Data for More Thorough Analysis

  • On the right of the Date range, notice an Export data link.
  • Click on it to download a report to a CSV file. Save it as an Excel file.

export data



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