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How to Invite and Manage your Partners

In this article, we will go through the My Partners section, and show you how to manage your current partners and invite new partners to resell your activities.

To get started, navigate to the My Partners section by clicking on the  icon located on the left-hand side navigation, and selecting the My Partners option.

Within this section you will be able to:


If you have partners that are currently not using the Orioly application and you would like to invite them to resell your activities all you need to do is click on the Invite new agents button located on the upper-right of the screen.

From here you will need to add the company name and email that you are sending an invite to. To add more than one company that you would like to send the invite to, click on the  icon and add the required information for the next company. Once you are ready to send the invite/s click on the Apply button.

Through this type of invite, your partners will only need to set up a password for their account, and the new account will be created for them once they have done so.

NOTE: If you have previously selected which of the activities on your account will be automatically assigned to your partners, once the partnership is established, those are the activities that the invited agent will see available to them once they enter the application. 

Once the partnership is established, to manage that partnership, click on the  icon located next to the company name which will lead you to the Partner Details section or remove the partner by clicking the  icon if the partnership type allows it.


Whenever you need to update the partnership between you and your partner, this is the section you will be able to do so. From this section you will be able to:

  • Change the assigned commission for the partner,
  • Add or Remove assigned activities,
  • Edit previously assigned activities:
    • click on the  located next to the activity you want to update/change, 
    • set the Cut-off number, price change, commission for this activity, and dates that the partner and/or his clients can book,
  • Assign new activities that the partner has no access to by clicking on the Add new button.


Any invites that you receive or send, that have a status of Pending, will be located on a separate table. Things to note:

  • once you send the initial invite/request, you will be able to resend that request after a 24h period, if within that time the invited partner has not accepted the invite.
  • you can cancel the invites at any point by clicking on the  icon next to the invite.
  • to view a partnership request, click on the  icon next to the pending invite, and choose whether or not you want to accept the invite by clicking on either the Accept button or the Reject button.

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