How to start with Orioly?

How to Build a Distribution Network

Use the Distribution feature to establish and grow your distribution network, add your agents, find new partners, and resell your tours in no time.

Also, you can use it to create partnerships with any kind of a website and reach more customers.

  1. Log in to your Orioly account.
  2. Click the arrow next to your account name in the navigation section on your left, then navigate to the Distribution tab. 

Here’s a short video on how to use the Distribution feature: 

Add a New Partner

To add a new partner, navigate to Distribution > Partners and then click Add new.

Add new partner - Orioly documentation

1. Enter partner details. 

Please note: Under company details, enter the information for a person within the company who will be in charge of this account. 

Check the Agency checkbox if you want to create an agent account.

Check the Affiliate checkbox if you want to create an affiliate account.

Add new partner - Orioly Documentation

2. Click Save all changes.

Here’s a short video on how to add a new partner in Orioly: 

Edit Partner Details

To edit the details about a certain partner, click on the pencil on the right side. Click Save all changes

distribution network

Add an Affiliate 

Here’s a short video on how to add an Affiliate in Orioly:

Add New Partner Activity

Select the activity you want to add to your partner and edit the activity settings (commission, cut-off limit, and available dates). When you add a new activity to your partner, all activity information are visible to your partner.

Here’s a short video that explains the process:

Edit Partner Activity

Here’s a video on how to edit partner activities:

Distribution Statistics 

To get the insights for all activities, partners, and activity statuses (pendingcanceledpaiddeposit), navigate to Distribution > Stats

Here’s a short video on how to use the Stats feature:

Build Distribution Network with Agents and Affiliates 

Navigate to Activities to see all the activities and which ones you have assigned to your partner. 

Your agents can copy paste the “Book now” button on their website and use the Orioly to review their bookings.

If your an agent, navigate to the Analytics feature and get a detailed report of their bookings, revenue, transactions, and commissions for each an every activity.

Here’s a short video that explains it all:

If you’re an affiliate, you have the option to copy the activity you’re created and paste it as an embedded code onto their website. This way, you can receive bookings as well as have insights into the activity analytics.

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