With the distribution feature, you will be able to build your distribution network, add your agents, find new partners and resell your tours in no time.
You can also create partnerships with any kind of a website and start reaching more customers.

Here are steps you have to take to start using the distribution feature:

  • Sign in your account and open Distribution tab.

distribution network

  • Add a partner by selecting Partners and Add new.
  • Enter partner details and choose the type (Agency or Affiliate). Set up the commission (% or currency) and save all changes.
  • Select the activity you want to add to your partner and edit the activity settings (commission, cut-off limit and the available dates for the partner). When you add a new activity to your partner, all activity information are visible to your partner.
  • Select stats in distribution tab and get an insight of all activities, partners, and status of activities (pending, canceled, paid, deposit).

Build distribution network with agents and affiliates 

  • For the agent, there are visible activities you have assigned to him, the cut-off limit and available dates in the app. The agent can set up “Book now” button on the website and have bookings overview. Within analytics feature, the agent is able to select report (bookings, revenue, transactions, and commissions) for each or for all activities.
  • The affiliate you have assigned an activity has the option to copy the banner of the activity to the website. Than he/she can get the insight in analytics for each or for all activities.

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