How to Create a Payment Link

If your clients cannot pay instantly while booking the tour through your website due to special requests you can email a payment link to them.

You can customize every booking and email the payment link directly to your customers. When they open the link, they can pay right away online.

Also, with Orioly you can create an instant payment, through PayPal, Braintree or Mercado Pago.

Where and How to Create an Online Payment Link?

  1. Go to the Bookings section in Orioly app and choose the payer whom you need to email the payment link.
  2. Open the Edit booking panel.

how to create a payment link3. Select the Payments option, then click Generate payment link.

Payment linkgenerate payment link4. Copy the payment link to clipboard and paste it into an email.

email payment link

Here are some situations when you should create a payment link to get more prompt payments:

  • A customer calls you or sends you an email and wants to book an activity. You create a new booking within Orioly and customize fees and add-ons. To avoid waiting for the customer to make the wire transfer or come to your office to make a payment, create a payment link. Email it to your customer and the customer can pay right away!


  • The customer has already paid a deposit but didn’t pay the rest. You create a payment link for the rest of the amount and email it to the customer to pay the rest online.


Clients can pay in “installments” as well. Every time they pay a certain amount. they receive a payment confirmation via email. The same happens after they pay out the entire tour.  

Confirmation email example:

orioly, create, booking, summary, payment link, confirmation

Here’s a short video on how to create a payment link:

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