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How to Create Discount Coupons

In this article, we explain how to create discount coupons in the Orioly app.

Discount coupons are promotional codes tour providers create to set discounts on their tours and travels. Coupons can be applied to online bookings and bookings made in the office.

Here’s a step-by-step process of creating a promo coupon in the Orioly app.

1. You log into your Orioly app.

2. From the sidebar, click Add New and select Coupon.

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3. Enter all the necessary information.

booking software, travel agency, travel company, booking system, tour company, tour business, how to add discounts in orioly, oriolyTitle – write a title for your coupon. For instance, “Enjoy summer, 10% off throughout June!”, or something as simple as “PROMO10”.

Code – combine letters or numbers that make sense to you. For instance, 0106-3006 to stand for the time period in which the coupon is active. You can call it SPECIALSUMMER2018.

Discount – set your discount percentage (e.g. 10%) or opt for a fixed amount coupon applicable to any total cost of a tour (say, 10$).

Valid from – click the first box with a calendar symbol to choose the start date for your coupon activity.

Ends in – click the second box with the calendar icon on the side to choose the end date for your coupon activity.

Can be used – decide on the number of times your coupon can be used. You can set your coupon usage for the unlimited number of times, a custom number of times or just one time. More specifically: 

  • Unlimited – there’s no limit on how many times the coupon can be applied in the period of its activity. For instance, the coupon applies to all payers within a time frame of the coupon activity. 
  • Custom – it’s possible to apply the coupon to a custom (5, 10, or more) number of times within a period of its activity. 
  • Once – means that it’s possible to apply the coupon only once. For instance, only the 1st payer who decides to use the coupon gets the discount.

4. Choose activities this coupon applies to.

By default, the Apply to all activities checkbox is checked.

Untick the box if you want to apply the coupon to a few selected activities. Choose activities you want the coupon to apply to from the drop-down menu.

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Check All – choose this option if you want the coupon to apply to all activities listed in the drop-down menu.

  • Uncheck All – click this button if you want to uncheck everything you might have previously select but now want to de-select for a different choice.
  • Search Activities – type into the box the name of activities you wish your coupon to apply. Select the activities you want to apply your coupon to by clicking on them.

5. Click Create.

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