After entering your Activities to Orioly, you can start receiving and entering bookings.

To create a Booking, you need to have at least one Activity added to your Orioly.

Orioly registers each booking made through the booking button on your website. Each time someone books a tour through your website, you will find it saved in the Bookings section of your Orioly app.

You can also enter bookings manually. There are two ways to do it in Orioly:

  1. By clicking “Add new” button on the bottom left of Orioly app sidebar.
  2. Through activities in the Activity section of the sidebar. 

Bookings Made Through the “Add new” Button

To create your first booking, click “Add new” in the lower left corner and select “Booking“.

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Click on it and you will be navigated to a blank step-by-step form for entering new bookings. You need to complete these 7 simple steps and click “Finish” in the last step. 

orioly, create booking, Add BOOKINGS, new, calendar, support

You don’t need to complete these steps in their exact order, but you must complete them to create a booking:  

  1. “Search activities” – choose the Activity you want to create a Booking for.
  2. “Dates” – then select a departure (date and time of your Activity).
  3. “Payer” – enter the Name and Email of the person that’s paying for the tour or activity.  
  4. “Travelers” – add at least one traveler (your tour customer).
  5. “Prices” – add fees (mandatory extra payments) and addons (optional extra service fees)
  6. “Payments” – review the total payments for the booking and adjust what’s needed
  7. “Summary” – review of the entire receipt for the booking.

Here is step by step instructions:

1. Search Activities

First, select the Activity you want to create a booking for.

You can select an Activity from the list of activities by clicking on one. Here, in the “Search activities” step, you can see only activities that you created. They are ordered by their date of entry. Search through them in 3 other ways:

  • First, filter activities by date range.
  • Second, filter activities by price range.
  • Third, enter the activity keyword in “Search activities” box.

orioly, create booking, add, new, support

When you find your Activity, click on it and move to the next step. 


2. Dates 

Second, select a departure from the Calendar of departures that just opened.
orioly, create booking, date, time, support
Calendar of departures displays date, time and cost of each departure.

Select a departure for your booking by clicking on it. Now you’re able to see the departure details – date, time, price and total booking status. These details show up in the green bar at the top of your screen after you’ve selected your departure.

Now you can select another departure, or go back to the previous step and continue creating a booking.

Once you’ve selected your activity and departure time, you are ready to move to the next step.


3. Payer

Third, enter payer information for the booking you are creating.

A payer is a company or a person that’s paying for the Booking. He/she does not need to be taking your tour or activity themselves. He/she could be paying for someone else to go. For example, a mother could be paying for her son to take a running tour.

A traveler is a person taking your tour or activity. For example, the son from our example above.

Enter the payer’s name, address, email and phone number. You need to fill out the fields “Name” and “Email” to create a booking.

orioly, create booking, add new contact, support


If the payer is already in your Orioly system, Orioly will recognize that. His/her information will be pulled out from the contact base as you start typing their name.  

Tick “Payer traveling” checkbox in case the payer is also a traveler. i.e. actually taking your tour or activity. This will save you from entering the person’s details twice.

In case the payer is not a traveler, add at least one traveler.  The process of adding a traveler is described in the next chapter – “Travelers”.


4. Travelers

Fourth, add travelers for this booking. As said above, if the payer of this booking is not actually taking the tour him or herself, then you must add at least one traveler who this booking is for.  Travelers are the people taking your tour or activity. 

Decide whether you need the traveler’s personal information or not. If you don’t need or have it, tick “Details not needed” on top of the screen. Just select the number of travelers for this booking.

orioly, Add BOOKINGS, add new payer
If you need detailed travelers’ information, leave the checkbox “Details not needed” blank. Then click “Add person” on the right.

orioly, create booking, free online booking software, add travelers

Two fields will open requiring you to enter the person’s “Name” and “Email” address.

orioly, create booking, add new travelers

If you want to add extra information about these people, click the gray info button next to the email field. Here you can edit the person’s details.

Enter his/her address, country, phone, web address and social media profiles. You can also delete the person’s contact by clicking the red “minus” button next to the gray info button.

orioly, create booking, add new travelers, support

5. Pricing

Fifth, as you can see on the screenshot below, check the “Enable Children Discount” box if you want to set a certain percentage or a fixed amount discount for bookings for children. When you check the box, an additional field opens up. Type in the amount of your discount for children and under “Type”, choose how you want to express this discount – as a percentage (%) or a fixed amount in the currency you’ve chosen under “Settings”.

orioly, new, booking, prices, children, discount
Also, you will notice that in this step, your tour (or activity) price box is editable. This means that you can edit the default price for each individual booking if you need to.

Then set prices and quantities of fees and add-ons for the booking you are creating. To remind you, fees and add-ons are extra costs associated with your Activity.

orioly, new, booking, payments, fees, addons






You could include Fees and Add-ons to this Activity while you were adding it to Orioly, too. Check our Activity tutorial to remind yourself about fees and add-ons. If you need to.

If fees and add-ons were already included in this Activity, now you can customize them. Specify their prices and quantities while entering your bookings.
For example, if three travelers are associated with a booking, you can charge for as many fees and/or add-ons as required. Let’s say that one of the travelers wants something extra. And this is not offered through fees and add-ons. In that case, click “Add Addons” and add the extra add-on for this person only.

To delete a fee or an add-on, click the red minus button on its right. You are flexible with adding extra costs to your basic price.


6. Payments

Sixth, add payments, refunds or manually change the booking status.

orioly, new, booking, payments, fiscalization

orioly, create booking, add new payment

Select the payment method. This can be cash or wire transfer and set the payment date. You can also write some notes about the payment for your future reference.

*Finally, for Croatian tour companies, check the box “Fiscalize Invoice” if you want to fiscalize your invoice according to the Croatian fiscal standards.

Click “Add payment” to update the total amount paid. Or click “Cancel” to stop the process of adding payments.

Similarly, you can make refunds.

Refunds are typically made in such cases when someone cancels their booking. The reason can be bad service, technical issues, change in the person’s schedule, etc. Or maybe you need to compensate a customer.

You can create a partial refund, a full refund or just cancel the entire booking. In some typical scenarios, Orioly automatically offers you to make a full refund.

Click “Add refund” button on the top of the screen and enter the refund amount.

Select a refund payment method. This can be cash or wire transfer, and set the refund date. If you’d like, make some notes about the reason for this refund for your future reference.

*Finally, Croatian tour operators can choose to click the “Fiscalize Invoice” box. If you check the box, you invoice will be fiscalized according to Croatian fiscal standards.

Click “Add refund” to change the total price for the refund amount. Or click the “Cancel” button to stop the process of adding refunds.

To change the Booking status manually, click “Set status” on the top of the screen. Then choose among “Canceled”, “Pending” and “Paid” status.

In the “Payment” step, you can also apply a coupon. Coupons, or discount coupons, are created to reduce the total price. You already had an opportunity to create a coupon for this Activity when you were adding it to Orioly.
orioly, create booking, payments, coupon, support
If you haven’t created it then but want to now, it’s never too late. Check our tutorial on creating coupons.

7. Summary

Seventh, check the overall payments and decide if you want to print a quote, invoice or a voucher.

orioly, create booking, payments, summary, support

In the end, you have the option to write notes about your bookings. Notes are made on the information you find useful for future contacts. For example, specific customer requirements, such as food preferences, allergies or payment methods. Perhaps another colleague from your team will deal with this customer in future. It’s a matter of good customer service to remember details.

On the bottom of this last step, you will see the “Create payment link”. This is a useful functionality when someone wants to make an extra payment. For example, people whose payment status is “Pending”.

orioly, create booking, payment link, support

Click “create payment link” to generate a payment link for your customers. You can send them this link directly via email. Through this link, they can immediately make an online payment.  

Here are some typical situations when it’s useful to create a payment link for your customers:

  • A customer calls your office or sends an email, and wants to make a booking. You enter all the information as described in this tutorial. To avoid waiting for the customer to make the wire transfer or come to your office and pay, create a payment link. Send it to your customer by email. Now they can open it and make an online payment immediately! 
  • You have created an Activity with no fixed prices. The prices of the fees are likely to change till the beginning of the Activity. In this case, your customer will not be able to make their payment through the booking button. Instead, you’ll get his/her inquiry on your email and the new booking will be created in Orioly. Its status will be “Pending”. Then, open the Booking and calculate the exact price amount and send him/her a payment link.  Again, the customer can make a quick online payment. 
  • The customer has already made a deposit but didn’t pay the full amount. Create a payment link for the rest of the amount and send it to the customer so he/she can make the full payment. 

Click Finish and it’s done. Now you know how to create or enter bookings into the Orioly app. 

Overview of all the Bookings

If you click Bookings on the left menu, you’ll get an overview of all of your bookings.

orioly, bookings, overview
On each booking, you’ll notice little dashes in the down right corner (see on the screenshot above).

By clicking on them, different editing options for the booking open up, specifically:

  1. Print Documents – Voucher, Quote and Booking notes
  2. Payments – Add payment, Add refund, Generate payment link
  3. Set Status – you can manually change the status of the particular booking to, for example “Paid” or “Canceled” if it was pending.

orioly, bookings, overview, options


Check the Video Tutorial 

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