Managing social media often takes too much time. Writing promotional posts for your tour business is important but time-consuming. It can be hard to run a tour business and be active on social media at the same time.

This is why Orioly is a helpful tool. You can add your social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter) to it. Then, through Orioly, you can schedule posts and tweets for future publication.

Sounds cool but what it all means to you specifically, you wonder?

You can spend only a few minutes or hours to plan the posts you want to publish in the upcoming days or weeks. It also means that this leaves you enough time to focus on your tours. Orioly will publish those tweets and posts for you.

But that’s not all.

You can include Orioly button into your social posts here. Then you can track if these tweets and posts helped to boost your sales.

How to Promote on Social Media with Orioly?

To use Orioly Promotion feature, you need to link your Facebook and Twitter profiles with Orioly.

To link your social media accounts with Orioly, click on your email or profile name at the bottom of the sidebar menu. A menu will show up with an option Social. Please click on it.

orioly, create, booking, social, media, accounts, support, Connect SOCIAL MEDIA

Click Add account. Then choose whether you’d like to connect your Facebook or Twitter account with Orioly.

orioly, create, booking, add, social, profile

Login with your social media credentials. Click Add account to finish adding your social media accounts.

orioly, create, booking, add, social, profile

The account you just added will show up under the Current social account heading.

Click Edit account to open account details. Here you can change the account name in Orioly app.

orioly, create, booking, social, profile, edit, account, Connect SOCIAL MEDIA

Click Save changes or Delete account. If you choose Delete account, it will be removed only if there hadn’t been any posts published on it yet. Otherwise, it will be deactivated. You can reactivate it anytime you want.


Click Logout to exit Orioly app.

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