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How to Add a New Activity

In this article, we explain how to add a new tour or an activity.

1. Log in to your Orioly account via this link:

If you don’t have an Orioly account, sign up for a 30-day free trial here.

Log In - Orioly

2. In the navigation section on your left, click the Add New button.

Add new activity - Orioly documentation

3. Select Activity.

Add new activity Select Activity

4. Under Activity info, enter the details about your activity such as the name of your tour/activity, then select duration, enter a description, add a photo, etc.

Click Add Photo to upload the photo that best represents your tour/activity.

Click Add Documents to add attachments (pdf, zip, doc) that provide more information about your tour/activity.

Click Next step to continue.

Activity info - Orioly Documentation

5. Under Departure & Prices, add departure details and name a price for your activity.

Check the Periodical Activity checkbox if you organize this activity as a re-occurring event in a specific data range or on specific days. For example, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday for the next few weeks or months.

If so, select the date range, departure time, days on which you want the activity to take place, and other details.

Departures & Prices - Orioly Documentation

Use the Group price and discounts options to define the rules for generating different discounts.

Discount type lets you choose what kind of a discount you want to create, e.g. Group price, Discount in $, or Discount in %.

  • Group price – Define the fixed tour price for the entire group.

For example, if you enter a fixed price for this particular group $1,000 then each person within this group will pay a $1,000 for this particular tour.

  • Discount in $ – Define the amount of discount for per person.
    For example, if your tour originally costs $1,200 per person and in the value field you enter $300 that means you give a $300 discount, meaning your tour now costs $900 per person.  
  • Discount in % – Define the of discount value expressed in percentages.

For example, the tour originally costs $1,200 per person without the discounts. Then you give a 15% discount for a group of up to 10 people. That means you give a $180 discount, and now the new price is $1,020 per person.

Quantity range option lets you define the size of your groups. For example, if you define your group from 1 to 6 people, this means the sixth person is not included.

Check the Enable children discount checkbox to enter the discount value (in percentages or in dollars).

Click Add departures.

In the Advanced settings, you can enable the customer to set a customized departure date.

6. Add different fees or add-ons.

Add-ons are optional services that travelers can purchase during the booking process.

Check the Fixed price checkbox if you want to define a fixed value for a certain fee.

Click Next step to continue.

Add-ons and Fees - Orioly Documentation

7. Under the Book now section, you can customize the “Book now” button which will be displayed on your website.

DEPOSIT PERCENTAGE FOR ONLINE BOOKINGS – Enter the percentage of the purchase price value for customers to pay as a deposit for their reservation.

BOOK NOW ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS NOTE – Write down any additional requirements

Click Copy to clipboard to copy the code and then paste it into your website.

Customize the Book Now Button - Orioly documentation

Use the Advance settings to define the cut off online bookings options, number of slots taken with each booking, as well as various payment options.

Click Next step to continue.

Advanced settings - Book Now Button

8. Customize how the quote, booking, invoice, and voucher note will look like once you print them out.

Click on the tab that you want to edit and then enter a custom message.

Click Next step to continue.

Print options - Orioly Documentation

9. Under the Preview section, you can see how your activity will appear to your customers.

If you are satisfied with the way everything looks, click Finish—if you want to make some changes, click Previous step to go back.

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