How to start with Orioly?

Add a Booking Button on Your Website

Once you add your tour or activity into the Orioly app and place the booking button on your website, travelers can click on it and make a booking.

Orioly registers each booking made through the booking button on your website. Each time a person books a tour through your website, you will find it saved in the Bookings section of your Orioly app.

booking dashboard


Your Payment Gateway Setup Affects the Online Booking Process  

Scenario #1: If you don’t have any payment gateway account yet, or it’s not set properly, the traveler can only send an inquiry through the Orioly booking button placed on your website.

Scenario #2: If your payment gateway is set, the traveler can choose to either pay immediately (under the condition that all extra fees and add-ons are fixed) or to send you an inquiry.

Mind that the initial steps are the same in both case scenarios.

How To Make A Booking Through Orioly Online Booking Button

  • The traveler has to click the “Book Now” button on your website.

book a tour on the website


zagreb tours

  • A new window opens (photo above).
  • The traveler can choose available date and time.
  • Enter his/her name and contact information (email, phone number) and also enter the number of people he/she is making this booking for.

There are three things to note here:

  1. The language of the book now button – Orioly booking button is multilingual. The language of the button will set automatically to the language of the location your traveler is making the booking from. 

orioly, booking, online, book, now, multilanguage


2. Custom date tours – once the traveler clicks on the ‘Pick a date’ box, a calendar opens up with all the available departure dates for this tour. If it’s a custom-date tour, the traveler can tick the box underneath the calendar and choose their own date. You’ll receive a notification about it and be able to respond to the traveler to confirm or re-negotiate the date they chose. 

orioly, booking, online, book, now, custom, date













3. Packaged tours: you had the option to make this tour a packaged tour while adding it to Orioly or while adding bookings to Orioly. In case this was a packaged tour, for example for 5 people, your customer would then make a booking for 5 all at once. At the same time, you can add more people to this booking through your Orioly account (back office). 

  • By clicking “Next” the traveler can see all extra fees included in the tour, and select add-ons that will apply to his / her particular booking. To remind you, fees and add-ons are extra costs associated with your tour or activity (check: Add TOUR or ACTIVITY tutorial).

orioly, booking, online, book, now, fees, addons














To remind, you had set these fees and add-ons once you were adding this tour to your Orioly account. If the price of fees was then set to be a fixed price, the customer will have the option to pay for this tour at the end of the booking process.

In case the fee price was left variable, then, of course, they won’t be able to pay for it but only send you an inquiry at the end of the booking process. 

  • By clicking “Summary” the traveler can see the selected tour or activity and all fees, add-ons and associated quantities.

orioly, booking, online, book, now, fees, addons, summary













  • The traveler can also apply a coupon if he/she has one to use.
  • The total price of the booking shows at the bottom of the window.
  • In the end, your customer (traveler) has an option to send you an inquiry. For example, he or she can ask about some specific requirements they might have, such as food preferences, allergies or payment methods.

orioly, booking, online, book, now, note













Scenario #1: Payment Gateway Is Not Set

It is possible to receive online bookings through Orioly booking button on your website even if you don’t have the payment gateway set. In such a scenario, the traveler (your customer) can only send you an inquiry.

This means that the customer can make a reservation and pay later, fully – as a one-time payment, or partially on several occasions. 

  • In the Orioly application, under “Bookings” in the left menu, such an unpaid booking is marked as “Pending”. Each Booking status remains “Pending” until the customer (payer) makes his / her payment.

booking dashboard


There are 2 ways in which the customer can pay later: 

  1. By coming to your office
  2. By paying online to your bank account.

Payment Option #1: Customer comes to your office

In the case when a customer comes to your office to pay for their booking, you should add this payment to Orioly.

  1. Open the customer’s booking,
  2. Click on step 6 and then
  3. Click “Add payment”.

Orioly will update the Booking status to your payment updates.

To change the Booking status manually:

  • Click “Set status” on the top right of the screen.
  • Then choose “Canceled”, “Pending” or the “Paid” status.

add payment
Payment Option #2: Sending a payment link to your customer

Scenario #2: Your Payment Gateway Is Set

Once you set the payment gateway, a traveler can pay for your tours and activities directly through the Orioly booking button on your website.

In this case, in the last step of the online booking process, the Pay button will be displayed next to the Enquiry button.

orioly, booking, online, book, now, note













  • Click “Pay”

payment method

  • Here customer selects his or her payment method – PayPal or a credit card payment.
  • Then, he or she can choose to pay the full price or only a deposit for now by ticking or not the ‘Pay for deposit’ box.
  • Customers can also make a reservation by clicking ‘..or just make a reservation’ link after which the Finish window opens:


finish your booking

  • If customer chooses to ‘Continue’ with full or a deposit payment, this window will open:

orioly, booking, online, book, now, payment, credit, card

  • For those customers that opted to pay a deposit or the full price, he/she will be redirected to your payment gateway (PayPal or other) page.
  • For every booking/reservation registered by Orioly, both you and your customer will get an email confirmation.
  • When the customer makes the full payment, his / her booking status changes to “Paid”.
  • If the customer pays a partial amount, the booking status changes to “Deposit”.
  • Each Booking status remains “Pending” until the customer makes his / her payment.

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