The Best Free Stock Photos for Tour Providers [Infographic]

Stock photos have become unpopular for a reason. You must really invest time and resources to find good ones. We found travel photos taken by great photographers with real people in cool tour and activity surroundings.

In the last years, stock photos have become a “dirty” phrase. As written in our previous article, traveler generated photos are the best free promotion for tour providers. And there are some cool tips on how tour providers can easily collect photos from their users. We gathered them all in a free infographic.

Use the Best Stock Photos until you Generate Photos from Guests

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The truth is that there are some talented photographers who are capturing some amazing moments with real people in authentic locations. Including adventure, tours, and activity. They are sharing them on different social platforms. Though such shooting events are pre-planned, the models are not overly polished. They are just placed in the right circumstances in authentic locations to behave in a genuine manner.

Selection of the Best in the Breed Free Stock Photos Sites [Infographic]

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You know that authentic photos taken by your guests inspire bookings directly on your website. Until you create your own guest or traveler generated photo album, it is OK to use stock photos. Just not any. Be picky about it. Make sure the photos you chose have a connection to the location and features of your tours.

Here’s a list of selected stock photos taken by travelers. We found the best ones for tour providers.

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