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Best Digital Marketing Practices in Tourism

Are you struggling with the idea of how to grow your tour business through various online marketing channels and strategies?

Today we’re going to discuss, in detail, best digital marketing practices in tourism your travel business should embrace. We’ve made a 60-page long eBook that outlines the best digital marketing strategy for tourism, as well as marketing ideas for your travel agency or tour operator business.

Digital marketing has become an enormous part of every business today, especially in the travel industry. Travel & tourism professionals live off of promoting their travel services, tours and activities, selling guided tours, while DMOs promote travel destinations.

Best Digital Practices in Tourism

The issue is how to stand out in such a big industry such as travel and tourism? It goes without saying you must implement a well-planned digital marketing strategy. As in any other industry, its main focus should be customer centricity. It’s of the utmost importance to focus obsessively on the customer.

The goal is to offer personalized services and custom tour offers online.

For this reason, it’s crucial to have a well-planned out digital marketing strategy. 50% of businesses currently don’t have a digital marketing strategy!


Best Digital Marketing Practices in Tourism and Travel

Trends in online marketing are changing as you’re reading this. Yes, that fast.

Take content marketing for instance. The Internet is flooded with content.

“When information is cheap, attention becomes expensive.” – James Gleich

That’s why marketing leaders allocating 7.4% of the marketing budget to content creation. This is a big deal!

Best Digital Marketing Practices in Tourism by Orioly

Marketing Ideas For Your Travel Business

You can find a ton of online marketing resources online. However, who has the time to comb through it all? And how do you even know whether the advice you’re given is relevant?

Not all tour businesses have a fancy tourism marketing manager or a huge marketing team with a hefty budget taking care of everyday tasks including advertising, PR, content management, marketing publications, building campaigns, event planning, so on and so forth.

That’s why we made this eBook where we compiled the latest online marketing trends in tourism!

Let’s see how this eBook can help you wrap your head around digital marketing!

This eBook covers the best digital practices a modern tour business should embrace.

This Guide is intended for:

  • Tour operators
  • Travel agents
  • Tour guides
  • DMOs
  • Travel companies
  • Travel professionals
  • Marketing professionals in the travel industry

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