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10 Travel Websites for Tour Operators to Learn From

March 22, 2017
Tour and activity operators striving to have the best offers and best websites – this list is for you. These are the best travel websites for tour operators to learn from. It’s always recommended to continuously improve and grow, and this will give you just what you need.

How to Save Time – Social Media Marketing Strategy for Tour Operators

March 15, 2017
Having your own tour and travel business can be very time-consuming. And you need to take care of numerous aspects of your business. Naturally, managing social media often takes too much time. Writing promotional posts for your tour business is important but it can also

How to Start a Tour Business – Everything you Need to Know

March 7, 2017
If you want to start a tour business, the first thing that you need to be sure of is that you have enough passion & love for it. You already love your favorite locations, destinations or activities. Why not turning your passion into a business and share your love with others?

What can Tour Providers Learn About Travelers through Google Trends [eBook]

February 24, 2017
Running a tour business can be challenging. Tour providers need to be aware of the constant change. Travelers are always looking for something new. So, you need to learn as much as you can about them. Google Trends is an online tool that can help you with that. 

8 Tips How to Increase Positive Reviews for Tour Business

February 22, 2017
Every business in every industry will face positive reviews or negative reviews. Customer service is at the core of any hospitality business - tour operators and activity providers included. Ever heard of the old saying: “The customer is always right”?

Define an Ideal Customer for Your Tours and Activities [Worksheet]

February 17, 2017
Who are the perfect customers for tours and activities you provide? Have you created your ideal customer profile yet? Do you know why's that so important? Prior to aiming your marketing efforts to win more customers, you need to determine the ideal one.

Boost Online Sales of Tours and Activities with 7 Easy Tricks

February 15, 2017
This is for you - whether you’re just starting out with online booking or you just want to improve your strategy. Tour providers, just follow these tips and boost online sales. Picking some of them is a great starting point. Then implement the others with time.

Trade Visitor Benefits for Small Tour Operators - ITB Berlin

February 8, 2017
Visiting ITB Berlin, the world's largest travel trade show, definitely has its perks for tour operators. Even if you don't have a stand, you can always make the most of it as an ITB trade visitor. And here are all the reasons why you should.

Attending ITB - the Benefits for Small Tour Operators

February 1, 2017
Each year in March the international tourism industry looks forward to ITB Berlin. Over 10,000 exhibitors from over 180 countries, including all the big names from the travel industry and all the innovative services and products. 
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