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How To Attract Local Customers To Your Tour Business

Tour operators struggle with questions like What to do when the low-season comes? Should I lower my tour prices or offer new tours? How to survive if there aren’t enough bookings? The thing is, tour operators still want to see new bookings coming in the low-season. 

The simplest way to achieve this is to shift the focus to local customers.
If you think about changing a little bit your marketing strategy, you will be able to attract local customers to your tour business. This will lead to new bookings and no stress because your tour business will “survive” the low-season.

Let us show you some marketing techniques you can use to grow income whether it is a low or high season.

Use Coupons to Attract Local Customers to your Tour Business

Discounts are one of the most compelling ways to draw new customers. Offer coupons and discounts for your tours for first-time customers.

How to craft your discount strategy to attract the right audience? There are a few ways:

Social media

Let’s say you have a Facebook page for your tours and activities. Make it easy for family, friends, and other people to become fans of your business’s Facebook page.

Link your Page to your personal Facebook profile by putting the link to your Work & Education section. That way your locals can find out about your tours.

If you take part in Facebook groups where your local audience hangs out, you can get noticed. The last and the most efficient way is to create Facebook campaigns. You can target audience by location, age, gender, and interests. So, your ads with copy about discount coupons will target the right audience. If you need help, check out our step by step Facebook ads guide.

Direct mail

Invite your e-mail contacts and friends to your tours and activities and offer them a discount.

PR article in the local newspapers with a discount coupon

Contact local journalists and share your interesting story about how you’re starting new tours. Describe your tours in the most appealing way you can. Highlight all interesting things your tours have to offer. Highlight the special discount for locals!

attract local customers to your tour business

Attend Local Events

The easiest way to find customers is by attending local events such as flea markets or festivals. You can sponsor these events or set up an information stand to attract attention. Offer discount coupons right there! Additionally, you can host small events on your own or in partnership with other local businesses.

Use Social Media for Reaching Local Customers

Social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) are becoming the most powerful tools a tour operator can use. These networking tools can put you in direct contact with local customers who might be interested in your tours and activities.

If you operate in certain neighborhoods, you can also look for local neighborhood Facebook pages. Introduce yourself and your business in these pages. Be sure to offer exclusive discounts to your followers to keep them coming back for more.

Optimize your Website for Local Searches

This means, include your local area in the keywords of all the pages on your website. Link to other relevant websites and try to get as many backlinks (hyperlinks that link from their web page, back to your own web page or website) as possible.

Attract more local customers to your website by adding location-specific words. When someone types in your keyword plus your city, you’re more likely to rank high in the results when your location is relevant to the search.

When you’re writing the copy for your website, try to keep the keywords centered around your town or country. For example, food tours Cleveland or hiking in the Alps Austria. You get the idea. Just connect your keywords with your location. You’ll want Google to be very clear about where you’re located, as most people search for local things by including the city name.

All in all, try to incorporate different methods into your marketing strategy to discover the most effective techniques to attract local customers to your tour business.

Once you ace this, you will never worry about low-season anymore!

What about you, do you have any other technique to attract local customers to your tour business? Share your thoughts below or in our LinkedIn group!  

Hope you are going to find this blog post useful and feel free contact us if you have any questions.

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