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The Best Social Media Channels to Promote Tours and Activities

Today, there isn’t a better way of promoting a business than through social media channels. Everybody is online! High school students, mothers, CEOs and even people in “golden ages”. There are over 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users.

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NEW – Manage Your Custom Tours Super Easy and More

In the past few weeks, we introduced several new updates. Needless to say, our customers absolutely love them! Most of them are related to document management and online booking. We made them because you asked for them. So, let’s get started.

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Is Your Tour Company Following the Most Popular Travel Trends in 2017?

How’s promotion and sales of your tours and activities going? Will you manage to achieve the goals you planned for this business year? To make sure your tour company is going in the right direction, remind yourself quickly about most popular travel trends in 2017.

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10 Tips How to Get more Online Bookings

In today’s competitive marketplace, a small tour and activity businesses are struggling to stand out. There are some essential steps you have to take when starting a tour or activity business. Many of them are referring to how to get more online bookings.

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Boost Profit by Keeping Your Tour Guides Motivated

Sometimes on a trip, it’s not about the where or the what, but the who. Great tour guides make all the difference! For the travelers and for the travel agency. Thanks to the motivated tour guides, a travel company gets great reviews and more travelers.

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8 Tips How to Increase Positive Reviews for Tour Business [Checklist]

The key to uncovering more marketing opportunities is the understanding of today’s travelers. Travelers are not seeking just for the unique experience. They want proper customer care.  And good customer service equals more returning customers.

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What Tour and Activity Operators Should Know about Walking Tours

Last year I visited Berlin for 3 days. Some of you would say not enough to explore the city. Couldn’t agree more. Though, short on time but full of desire to dig deep into the city history. So, I decided to take two free walking tours in Berlin. The best decision I ever made!

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How to Start a Local Tour Business [Interview with a Tour Operator]

As you could noticed in our article about top travel trends, offering a unique experience is important for today’s travelers. With a local knowledge and well-informed tour guides, interested in their location, there is a good chance that your business will succeed.

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What are the Top Marketing Tips for Tour Business

If you haven’t yet, now it’s the time to embrace the digital revolution. Raising awareness among customers is done through online media channels. Let us break it down for you with top marketing tips for tour business.